When you ask Wes Cosman where he has volunteered in his life, the list is never-ending.

The Saint John man has been involved on several different commissions, boards and committees for more than 50 years — and he's still going strong.

St. John Ambulance, the Saint John Community Christmas Exchange, the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society, Portage Atlantic, the city’s police commission, and Habitat for Humanity are just a few of the organizations Wes has devoted his time to.

"I've had a good business career. I was a salesman. I worked my way up through the company I worked with. The community was always good to me and I felt that you give back to your community and I always kind of lived by that. Try to help people wherever I could,” Wes says.

Now Wes helps out at the United Catena Training Centre in Saint John, an organization that provides programs for adults with intellectual or physical disabilities.

Kevin McCarville is a past president of the centre 

“(Wes) is a leader to all of us. He's involved in so many different things and we just look up to him,” McCarville says.

Larry Broad knows Wes from Saint John Ambulance.

He says Wes “is a guy that we all look up to. We emulate him."

And Wes has no plans to slow down. He says he’ll continue giving his time and abilities for as long as he can.

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