Our Maritimer of the Week is leading a community-wide expression of love and support for a very special bride and groom.

Like so many others in Antigonish, N.S., Peggy Thompson has often seen Austin Carter and Marilyn Mento walking hand-in-hand down Main Street.

“You always see them around town and they're just always holding hands and they're just a sweet little couple and it always made me smile when I saw them,” says Peggy.

Last November, word spread around the community that the couple was engaged.

“She's been helping me do a lot of things, and I love her, and I figured, after seven years of being together, it's time,” says groom Austin Carter.

Bride Marilyn Mento has a list of reasons for saying ‘yes’ to the big question.

“He was kind and he was with me in good times and bad times and we get along good together, and we enjoy being with each other,” says Marilyn.

To help the happy couple start their life together, Peggy began a Facebook page called Antigonish Couple Move Through Life Hand-In-Hand and the community response was tremendous.

Businesses donated food, clothes, and decorations, everything they would need for the big day, including Marilyn's gown and the wedding cake.

“We believe in love and we see them in love and they give us hope that there's love and there's goodness in the world,” says dress shop owner Denise MacIsaac.

“You know, it really shows what it’s like to be in Antigonish and what the town of Antigonish is like. People really do want to help each other,” says restaurant owner Mark Gabrieau.

It wasn’t until hearing about their wedding plans and offering her assistance that Peggy had the chance to meet Austin and Marilyn. The couple and their families are so grateful for her help.

“Peggy has a spark in her and an amazing ability to organize and rally the troops, essentially, and so she put the word out and people were more than willing to come forward,” says Peggy’s friend Trudy Delorey.

Congratulations to Peggy Thompson, our Maritimer of the Week!


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