Alan Garagan has been volunteering at the Oromocto Public Hospital, Monday to Friday, for over 20 years.

Staff at the hospital say Alan has become a critical part of day-to-day life.

“Alan is one of those guys, he becomes part of your family when he's working here, he works many, many hours,” says Robyn Dean, hospital administrative assistant.

Alan is the hospital’s longest acting volunteer and, since 1994, he has put in 22,000 volunteer hours.

“He primarily is with the day surgery department, but anybody who needs any help at all they can just call Alan and he’s more than willing to help them out,” says Robyn.

His responsibilities range from greeting patients and their families, to making sure staff in the unit have what they need, when they need it.

“Alan is a very important part of this team, he keeps us all in line really,” says Vanna Wasson, day surgery unit manager. “We never have to worry about finding a wheelchair because Alan knows where they are any one moment in time and you can ask him and he'll tell us that.”

When it comes to fundraising for the hospital, Alan is an MVP.

“Because nobody will say no to Alan,” says Robyn.

The hospital and the people he works with day-to-day are always on his mind.

“He's always thinking about the hospital,” says Alan’s sister Noreen Coy.

Alan says the reward for volunteering comes from helping people.

“That the people around you appreciate what you do,” says Alan.

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