There’s no place like home for the holidays.

Today scenes that would warm even the Grinch’s’ heart played out in Maritime airports as people crisscrossed the country to get to friends and family.

“We’ve been watching the weather for days and days and days,” says one person at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

“Patiently watching and waiting,” adds another.

While many people are in the skies traveling today, others are anxiously waiting to welcome loved ones home.    

Airports are among the happiest places during the holidays, with little girls giving their daddies a big hello kiss, and children reconnecting with their parents.    

One father arriving in Halifax today had not seen his son in a month.

“It’s our sons first Christmas, so it’s pretty special.”

Scenes of love and welcome repeated all day long, flight after flight.

From Kamloops B.C. to Ottawa and St. John’s, people arrived in Halifax today to spend Christmas with those that matter most to them.

Over at the departures, travellers were loaded with luggage heading to Newfoundland.

“It’s going to be fun,” says traveller Jerry Etienne. “We have a lot of plans over the holidays so it will be a great little family affair.

“It means everything. It wouldn’t be Christmas,” explains Ceanne Giovanni, who is on her way to visit family. “We stayed home last Christmas and it wasn’t the same so we just wanted to go home and be with everyone.”

“Oh I always get that way,” says Nancy Baker. “I am a sucker. I can watch total strangers and get emotional. I am just that way and glad to have him home.”

In a moment the months spent away are erased.

“Done exam period, excited to be back and be home,” says student Josh Muise. “Have some of mom’s cooking.”

“Mom’s excited to have him home,” adds Muise’s mother. “The whole family is excited to have him home.”

No matter how fast the journey or how short the visit, being together at Christmas is worth the trip for many.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kelland Sundahl