SYDNEY, N.S. -- For the first time in over 120 years, the Boston Marathon was cancelled. However, that hasn't stopped some Maritimers from participating in the race virtually.

For the past seven years, Heather Lee-Callaghan has finished the Boston Marathon. This year, despite facing the death of a loved one, she’ll complete the race virtually.

“This year was extremely challenging, my dad actually passed away on March 16,” says Lee-Callaghan.

“It felt like the world was crushing down on me and, you know, he didn't ever go to Boston, and he definitely wasn't a runner, but he definitely took pride in the fact that his daughter was running the Boston Marathon.”

Lee-Callaghan will hit the streets of Halifax this weekend to run her 26.2 miles.

“It will be special and I certainly will be thinking about him on Saturday, when I need a little inspiration at the end,” she says.

Some runners have already crossed their virtual finish lines. When 66-year-old Linda Miles completed a marathon in Sydney on Labour Day, it capped off a year-and-a-half of training with her daughter Laura. Both women had qualified for Boston for the first time.

“It means everything to me. Laura’s the one who got me into running, so to do this run with Laura, any run with Laura, is a privilege for me,” says Miles.

Steve Grace of New Waterford, N.S. finished with his son and girlfriend by his side, something he says wouldn’t have been possible had he run in Boston.

“They were all helping out and it was just an amazing experience today. I couldn’t have asked for any better,” says Grace.

Veteran marathon runner Donna Burns received a surprise from her husband at the end of her run – the Boston Marathon jacket. The iconic piece of clothing is a status symbol in the running community that shows you not only qualified for, but finished the race.

“We earned our jacket. We ran our 26.2, so we’re satisfied and we feel we ran Boston,” says Miles.