RIVERVIEW, N.B. -- Maritimers are preparing in various ways for frigid cold in the forecast.

With temperatures expected to dip down to as low as -30 C in parts of the region, officials are warning of health risks for those exposed to the elements.

While the temperature may have only read -4 C in Riverview Thursday, Maritimers across the region are bundling up in preparation for what's to come.

The wind will be a big factor in creating those frigid temperatures, which in some areas will feel like -30 C.

"Certainly in lower temperatures, the risks becomes more obvious," said Riverview Fire Department Deputy Chief Robin True. "A person can experience hypothermia, even if temperatures are above freezing, depending on how they're dressed and if they're wet or dry."

Ahead of extreme weather, outreach workers try to connect with the most vulnerable – those without a place to call home.

"We're providing supplies to those that aren't able to access shelter or make other arrangements," said Trevor Goodwin, the YMCA outreach senior director. "We're giving them blankets, hand warmers, emergency food, winter hats and so forth, and we're just making sure they're aware of the resources around them."

But it's not just people who will be affected. Brian Hare says he sees a spike in calls at his garage when the temperatures dip this far below freezing.

"You lose about half the power in your battery when it hits below zero," said Hare. "The colder it gets, the more you lose, so if you have a weak battery now, it'll probably be a no start tomorrow morning."

The wind chill could potentially pose a problem for your pipes.

"As soon as that wind chill gets up there, that's when we see pipes start freezing, because of the wind hitting the building or the house or whatever, on the side where the pipes are," said plumber Kevin Arsenault. 

Officials say the safest way to brave these extreme temperatures is to bundle up and plan ahead.

"Make sure someone knows that you're going out on an adventure maybe in the woods or wherever you're going," True said. "And to have a plan to get back into somewhere warm."