HALIFAX -- With the first significant storm of the year set to hit the Maritimes on Saturday night, many in Halifax were preparing for the blizzard-like conditions set to hit the region. After a long period without heavy snow, the city was busy anticipating the return of wintery conditions.

With snow, rain, and slush on the way, many in Halifax were out enjoying Saturday’s mild temperatures while they still had the chance.

“We'll go out in a snowstorm or a sleet storm – or a beautiful day like today,” says one couple.

And many are ready for the wet weather.

“Back when we had the power outage in September during the hurricane; that was a really good experience to know what you need,” says Halifax resident, Ed Carmichael. “So we've got the little jet propane, so you can make food if the power goes out, dehydrated food – stuff like that.”

In addition to Nova Scotia, parts of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will also experience some snow on Saturday night.

Rain is set to begin in Nova Scotia and turn to snow on Sunday. Meanwhile, parts of Cape Breton and much of Newfoundland could see blizzard conditions.

While the storm may be relatively small, it's only the first of the season – making preparedness the upmost of importance.

“You want a flashlight, a small blanket just in case; because you don't know how long you'll be off the road or how long you're going to have to wait for help – especially if you're off the beaten path,” says Payzant Home Hardware assistant manager, Jude Sallay. “Definitely batteries, salt, shovels, lamp oil for lamps – if you use lamps in your home.”

Meanwhile, others have their own storm plans and supplies in mind.

“Just stay off the roads, stay home with some storm chips and I think we'll be okay,” says Halifax resident Kat Smith.

Meanwhile, high winds are expected on Sunday, especially in the Cape Breton Region. In addition, Environment Canada is warning parts of Newfoundland could see 30cm of snow before Monday.