HALIFAX -- As the second wave of COVID-19 hits the Maritimes, it seems many are ahead of the curve when it comes to changing their behaviours and staying home.

Even before new restrictions were announced Tuesday for Nova Scotia, and specifically the Central Zone, many Maritimers were already starting to act differently because of rising COVID-19 case numbers.

Some are stocking up on food and supplies now so they can stay home and do their part to flatten the curve.

“Trying to stay put. Trying to stay home as much as possible,” says one Halifax resident.

As COVID-19 cases climb across the region, many are making personal pivots and choosing to stay put, instead of going out.

Grocery stores across Halifax were busy on Tuesday, with supplies like cat food, peanut butter and alcohol in high demand.

Jena Kedy is a Grade 11 student who is immunocompromised. She stayed home from school Tuesday and questions when she will return.

“In my mind, a school is even more uncomfortable than a store,” says Kedy. “Because if I walk into Superstore or Sobeys, there’s not going to be 1,000 people in there, and I’m not going to be there for six hours like I am in school.”

And she’s not the only student out of class.

“Just because there’s so many cases around my house and just in Halifax in general, I think it’s a better idea to stay home,” says another student.

Bill Burke and his wife Sheila flew into Halifax from Newfoundland days ago -- racing to get here before the Atlantic bubble burst and they would have to cancel Christmas with their grandkids.

“We changed our flight and came up so we could be with them for Christmas. Even if it means staying in the same household for a month, that’s fine,” says Burke.

Their strategy now is to only shop when they have to, and to wait in the car if both of them don’t need to enter the store.

“We’re not going to restaurants or anything, and I spent the morning stocking up on groceries,” says Sheila Burke.

While some Maritimers volunteer to change their habits, others will soon have to follow suit, as Nova Scotia announced new restrictions Tuesday that will limit people’s movement and behaviour even more.