After years of debate, the Mayor of Halifax says a decision on a stadium for the city will be made this year.

“If we go for it this year, then I think we get to a go or no go question. I think that happens this year,” says Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.

Next week, CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon is in Halifax and will meet with Savage. Cohon has made it clear in the past that any hope of a CFL team in the Maritimes relies on a new stadium in Halifax.

“He’s meeting with some business folks, he’s going to meet with some people in the community, I’ll be at some of those meetings,” says Savage.

Although business leaders are involved in next week’s meetings, Savage says a stadium will be led by government.

“You can’t have a stadium that’s led by the private sector. Private sector needs to be involved, but they’re gonna want to see that there’s a commitment from government,” says Savage.

Councillor Gloria McCluskey says she could support a stadium, depending on who pays for it.

“If we get enough private business and other levels of government, that’s great, I’d be in favour of it,” says McCluskey.

When talk turns to where the stadium would be located, it appears Shannon Park is the favourite pick.

“There’s certainly a compelling case to be made for a place like Shannon Park,” says Savage.

Shannon Park is still in the hands of the military, but right now the stadium is only a concept, next week’s meetings will be pivotal in moving forward. 

“It there’s an appetite, how do we move this forward? Do we go to a committee again? Do we establish a committee to do a feasibility? Do we refresh the feasibility that was done?” asks Savage. “I think those are the kinds of questions we start looking at after next week.”

  With files from CTV Atlantic's Rick Grant