After spending three days and two nights in a lawn chair in front of her apartment, a Nova Scotia woman was taken away by ambulance today.  

Carolyn Connors says she has a mental illness and she wants help. She has been in and out of the hospital and says she is unable to move because of severe swelling in her legs.

Connors is being evicted from her Spryfield apartment, which her neighbours say is covered in urine and feces. As a result, she has been camping out in front of her apartment because she can’t live there.

“The girls got me cleaned up, but I’m being out to the side of the road tomorrow, the sheriffs are coming,” Connors told CTV News.

Her neighbours aren’t sure where to turn for help and are concerned that camping out in the heat will further deteriorate Connors’ health.

“You wouldn’t leave a dog in your car in this heat, even with the windows down,” says neighbour Eddie Dodge.

After CTV News contacted Nova Scotia’s Department of Health yesterday, a healthcare professional checked Connors out.

“If the person is able to make their own decisions, then programs cannot be forced on anyone able to make their own decisions, but the programs are absolutely there for all those who seek them and need them,” says Patricia Jreige of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

Today, Dodge called 911.

“Yes, I have a lady that’s been sitting out in a lawn chair for the last three days,” Dodge told the 911 operator.

Connors wants help, but she doesn’t think she will get the help she needs in Halifax. Instead, she wants to be taken to a hospital in Truro, where she was born.

An ambulance took Connors to the hospital this afternoon, although it isn’t clear where she will go from there.  

However, after talking with health officials, Connors’ MLA believes she will get the help she needs. Michele Raymond also says she will help Connors with her housing situation.

“I will certainly be prepared to continue doing that and she should certainly apply for subsidized housing as well, and there’s a whole spectrum of those things,” says Raymond.

Dodge is hoping Connors will finally get the help she needs.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Garreth MacDonald