It's been going on for 15 months, but an ambitious project to replace all of the water meters in Halifax is only about one-third complete.

Halifax Water says the new technology will eventually help consumers measure their water usage – once it’s done.

“It's really going to change the way our customers and the utility operate,” said James Campbell of Halifax Water.

The customer connect program started in July 2017. Part of it will see old water meters replaced with new state of the art ones. So far, Halifax Water has upgraded more than 30,000 meters.

The utility says eventually consumers will be able to track their own water consumption, usage and billing through the new technology.

“It will have what's called radio frequency technology which will basically have a transmitter on the outside of the house and will send information to Halifax Water,” said Campbell. “Once our portal is up and running after the project is complete, people will be able to sign on, check their water consumption and check if they have a leak. If they're not at home and water is being used, they'll be able to say well, something's going on here.”

Dave MacLean hasn't had his water meter changed in more than two decades.

“A year from now, when they get it online, I suppose it will be nice to be able to look at day to day consumption,” MacLean said.

The project comes with a 25 million dollar price tag, but Halifax Water says that doesn't mean customers will be paying more on their water bill for the new meters.

“These projects are all budgeted in advance,” Campbell said. “We don't anticipate any rate hikes into 2019. As we do each project, we don't jack up the water rates, that's not a direct connection.”

So far, the project is on track and expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Natasha Pace.