As the country marks the first anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, the issue of organ donation is again in the spotlight.

One of the 16 people killed in the Saskatchewan bus crash a year ago was Broncos player Logan Boulet of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Shortly before he died Logan signed up to be donor, and six people later benefited from his organs.

What soon followed has been called the Logan Boulet Effect.

Canadian Blood Services estimates that within two months of Logan's death more than 150-thousand people registered to become organ donors.

Michael Ravenhill is head of the David Foster Foundation, which provides financial support to families with children who need organ transplants.

He says Boulet's selfless act changed the landscape of organ donation in Canada.

An event called Green Shirt Day is planned for every April 7th, the anniversary of Boulet's death, to promote organ donation.

The need for donors remains great.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information says four-thousand-333 patients are currently waiting for life-changing transplants.