A New Brunswick teen who inspired people around the world to take part in a kindness campaign has been on the receiving end of an act of kindness after one of her favourite bands put on a special performance in her hometown.

Becca Schofield arrived at the Riverfront Park in Riverview Wednesday afternoon, expecting to take a walk in the sun with her family.

Instead, the teen was serenaded by the Halifax-based band Port Cities.

“It was really nice just to have all my family and my friends here, and I’m just so happy,” said Schofield.

Last week, the band saw a video of a mutual friend speaking with Schofield about music, in which she talks about Port Cities being one of her favourite bands.

“When we saw that and kind of heard of the whole kindness movement that she’s created here, we said, ‘Well, where does she live? Why don’t we just come to her and meet her and play some songs?’” said band member Breagh MacKinnon.

Schofield has been battling brain cancer for two years. When she was told she only had a year to live, she decided to make a bucket list, with inspiring acts of kindness topping that list.

The #BeccaToldMeTo kindness movement has extended far beyond New Brunswick, with people around the world doing good deeds in Schofield’s name, and then sharing them on social media.

Band member Carleton Stone says the show was a nice way to surprise the teen, and also a way for the band to feed into the #BeccaToldMeTo movement.

“No matter how bad things can be in your life, if you put on your favourite song or listen to your favourite artist, you can kind of get lost in that for a few minutes,” said Stone.

Among the songs played by the band was a special request from Schofield, dedicated to her father Darren.

“Every time we were in the car and I would be playing my music, dad would just go, ‘Hey, play Astronaut,’ so I thought it was pretty appropriate having all the family here and choosing to listen to Astronaut with them, especially with my dad,” said Schofield. “It was a special song.”

“I can’t put it in perspective” he said. “It’s just, it’s amazing. Everything’s been so amazing. It’s pretty special.”

And the surprises didn’t stop there. Port Cities also presented Schofield with a CD and guitar signed by a number of well-known Cape Breton artists.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Cami Kepke