Time is running out for a decision on what comes next in New Brunswick’s inter-provincial booze battle.      

Wednesday marked 27 days since a court decision has tossed out New Brunswick’s ban on importing beer from Quebec, finding it unconstitutional.

But questions still loom on what that decision actually means for New Brunswickers.

"There's a difference between bootlegging and personal consumption,” said New Brunswick resident Connie Nicol. “A case of beer here or a case of beer in Quebec, it doesn't make any difference, it's for your own self."

But the main question is whether an appeal will be filed.

"This is not a government decision, it's a public prosecutions, it's a legal decision,” said New Brunswick Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman. “It doesn't matter what the government says, it's a legal issue and they'll decide."

The Public Prosecution office has until Friday to file an appeal, if they decide to do so. The liquor control bylaw itself rests with government.

In Nova Scotia, residents can bring home up to 9.1 litres of alcoholic beverages from other provinces or apply for a permit through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, which allows 135 litres to be transported into the province.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.