HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's minister of Community Services says she's satisfied with the care her department provided a man with intellectual disabilities who hasn't contacted his parents since leaving a care facility in the Annapolis Valley two weeks ago.

Joanne Bernard says she's reviewed the case of 25-year-old Landon Webb and has not found problems with how he or his family were dealt with.

Darrell and Brenda Webb said Wednesday at a news conference that they're worried about the health of their son and they are hoping he calls them soon.

Webb hasn't been seen since he left the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, after learning the facility planned to discharge him.

The facility says Webb was permitted to leave, and it discharged him because he hadn't been successful in their programs.

Webb's parents, who are Landon's legal guardians, say he needed a supervised care plan before being discharged, and the Department of Community Services didn't provide them with adequate options.