A group called the Awesome Foundation of Antigonish distributed a total of $1,000 in dozens of envelopes around the town on Saturday, hoping to spread kindness and paying it forward.

In most cases, the envelopes seemed to disappear almost as quickly as they were put out. The pink envelopes were placed around town, with anywhere from $5 to $20 dollars inside.

“The Awesome Foundation is a group that goes and provides $1,000 grants to people who want to go and advance awesome in the Antigonish area,” says James Smeaton, dean of the Awesome Foundation of Antigonish, “These are projects that wouldn't traditionally be funded using regular government models or whatnot.”

Inside the envelopes there is also a note, inviting people to pay it forward.

“We're actually giving away $1,000 in cash to help inspire people to go and pay it forward,” says Smeaton. “Do something nice for people in the universe and hopefully just be inspired by how much effect that a small act of generosity can have.”

Some people who found them weren't sure what to do with an envelope that didn't have their name on it, but curiosity got the better of them.

“It's a pretty great thing to do. I'll have to do something nice for somebody else now,” says Colin MacGillivray. “I'm going to probably go get, go through the drive thru and buy somebody a coffee.”

“I think it's great. I love pass it forward,” says Barb Morton. “So I'll find somebody that can use five dollars, or get them a Timmie's card and let them enjoy it.”

“I think I might go buy some flowers for my mom, since she's done so much for me,” says Whitney MacIsaac.

Mary Landry decided to pay it forward, by leaving the envelope for someone else.

“I'm working, so I figured if they, whoever's going to do it, pick it up, and maybe they'll treat somebody somewhere else,” says Landry.

“I'm going to put that towards the bill for the CACL,” says Jeff Huff. “We're doing a project for them right now. We're painting it forward today, painting a bunch of chairs for them at no charge.”

Other members of the Awesome Foundation say it's rewarding for them too.

“This is really fun. Everybody likes finding a treat,” says Charlotte Gallant. “It's kinda like being the tooth fairy or one of Santa's elves.”

Members of the Awesome Foundation say they're hoping the positive feelings created will continue on into the future.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh