A flap over flyers may soon be leading to changes in how they will be delivered in the Cape Breton region.

Regional council has requested a draft bylaw that would see flyers delivered to mailboxes or front steps rather than the end of driveways.

The issue came up at Tuesday's general committee meeting with one member saying she's been getting complaints about the mess caused by flyers that never make it into people's homes.

"They're being thrown into the driveways," said Cape Breton Regional Coun. Earlene MacMullin. "A lot of it's ending up as litter. I'm getting complaints of people picking them out of the ditches. They're getting caught in the rain. They're getting blown around. In the winter, they're getting caught in snowblowers. Elderly people are scared they're going to fall in the winter going down to get them. In the spring, when we do the cleanups, the ditches and everything are full of them."

Many of the flyers are delivered by the Saltwire Network of newspapers.

A company spokesperson tells CTV News "changes to flyer distribution can put further pressure on already severely challenged bottom lines."

Halifax adopted a similar bylaw back in July.

The issue will go before Cape Breton Regional Council later this month.