HALIFAX -- The Nova Scotia SPCA has seized 35 dogs from a puppy mill near Wolfville, calling it one of the largest puppy mill seizures in the history of the organization.

The SPCA started investigating in September after a visitor to the puppy mill reported mistreatment of the animals.

“The SPCA issued compliance orders for several significant problems regarding the psychological and physical state of the animals and their unsanitary living conditions,” said Jo-Anne Landsburg, chief provincial inspector for the Nova Scotia SPCA, in a news release. “Animal protection officers subsequently visited with an expert on animal psychology.”

The SPCA executed a warrant at the property Tuesday, along with the RCMP, and seized 29 dogs and six puppies.

The animals were transported to specialized SPCA intake facilities for medical treatment and shelter.

“We are triaging the animals to assess their health, and determine which individuals require urgent care,” said Landsburg. “Given the number of animals involved this is an extremely complex operation.”

The SPCA says charges are pending.