Seven Superstores in the Halifax area opened their online shop on Tuesday.

Customers can log in, load up their cart, and a personal shopper will collect everything and deliver it to your car in the parking lot.

The service aims to save shoppers time by offering a convenient alternative. The company says their customer base is moving online and they want to meet them there.

“We're the hands, the eyes, the ears of the customer when they're in the store, so we're looking at that apple and we're giving it a full 360 view to make sure it's just perfect,” says Adam Jardine, director of digital marketing at Loblaws.

While Loblaws is excited to roll out the service, many customers are on the fence.

“I have two children and the fact that I don't have to leave the house with them would be lovely,” says one shopper.

“I personally prefer to get out and grocery shop myself. It just kind of provides an opportunity to get out and get some fresh air,” says another shopper.

Produce seemed to be of particular concern to shoppers.

“I enjoy grocery shopping. I like to cook and I like to eat well and I want to see the quality of the things that I'm getting,” a grocery shoppers says.

Jardine says there are spots on the online form where customers can write notes to their personal shoppers to get specific about what they want.

“We always look at avocados as being a great one. Do you want it ripe or do you want it later? Do you want to make guacamole tonight, or do you want to let it ripen over the week? It's a great option for them to add those comments,” he says. 

The service is available on orders over $30 and there is a $3 to $5 convenience fee. Atlantic Superstore will introduce the program at six New Brunswick stores next week.

Officials hope to have the program throughout the Atlantic region by the end of next year.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Emily Baron Cadloff.