In addition to news, weather and the day’s entertainment headlines, here’s what else you can expect as part of our show for Wednesday, April 8.

At 7:15 AM, Lorelei Burgess of Oxford Learning will talk about the shift to at-home learning for school-aged children in the Maritime region. Then at 7:45 AM, get your forks ready! Registered dietitian Laurie Barker Jackman and her two kids will show us ways to cook together with Easter themed food fun!

In our second hour of CTV Morning Live Atlantic, we’ll be joined by Dr. Alex Mitchell at 8:15 AM who will talk about how you can keep your kids active in learning with an alphabet spring challenge! Then, have you already binge watched all of your favourite TV shows? Don’t fret! At 8:45 AM, we’ll be bringing back another classic form of entertainment - the board game!

Ana is going to tour some tiny homes to learn how you could transform them into an office! Katie will also be back to share what’s Trending Now online plus the latest in entertainment news headlines. We’ll also reveal the responses to our daily ‘Quaran-tale Question’ to find out how our viewers are coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amanda returns to bring us the day’s top news stories, while Ceilidh provides current weather conditions across Atlantic Canada at the top of every half hour. Start your day off with us beginning at 7:00 AM.

See you then!