La fete national de l’Acadie is observed every year on August 15th, to celebrate Acadian culture. It dates back to 1881!  It was during the first National Convention of the Acadians held at Memramcook New Brunswick, that the Acadian leaders received the mandate to set the date.

Grandma was very proud of her Acadian roots and gathered whenever possible with family and friends to celebrate the day. 

August 15th is also the feast of the Assumption of Mary.  I think you know where I’m going with this ;)  Over time, many feast days have become associated with weather lore.  Grandma believed that if it rains on the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, it will rain until September the 8th.  

 « Quand il pleut le jour de Notre Dame, il pleut jusqu'au 8 septembre »[

Not literally, but a wet August 15th …according to Grandma, would indicate a soggy few weeks ahead!

There will be some showers and late day thundershowers popping up in New Brunswick, but not everywhere.  Don’t cancel your plans… keep an eye on the sky, be safe and have fun celebrating la fete nationale des Acadiens.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day