Did you happen to see the moon last night?  It was sick.  I don’t mean “sick” the way the cool kids mean “sick”, but sick as in “not well”. 

A sick moon is a moon that is not clear, quite milky; like looking at it through a piece of wax paper.  The moon looks like that when thick cirrus clouds are overhead. These cirrus clouds are forerunners of bad weather.  They are a high level cloud made up of ice crystals that lead the way for the lower, moisture laden clouds that arrive with the rain or snow.  They form a thin veil between you and the moon and make the moon look “sick”. 

Last night’s sick moon was warning us of the clouds and showers that are moving through today. Tonight, as the clouds clear, the moon should be nice and bright and full!  It is officially full overnight, more specifically at 2:23 am tomorrow. Some people refer to the November full moon as the Beaver Moon.  This was the time that many tribes set beaver traps before the swamps froze.  It’s also known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, the Full Frost Moon and the Full Snow Moon.

Happy Sky Watching…but bundle up, the wind will come around to the NW as the clouds clear from west to east late tonight!



Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day