I’m always reminding people to look up; Mother Nature is quite an artist, so you never know what you’ll see!

On Sunday, Tina and Kurt Gratto were out enjoying the crisp fall weather when they looked up towards the sun and saw a lovely rainbow.  Now common understanding is that in order to have a rainbow appear in the sky you need sun and a rain shower.  According to Tina, there were very few clouds in the sky and definitely no rain. 

The rainbow-like colours that Tina & Kurt spotted were the result of sunlight interacting with ice crystals high in the sky.  So the “rainbow” was in fact a piece of a solar halo, or ring around the sun.

The halo is formed by sunlight entering horizontally-oriented, flat, hexagonal ice crystals through a vertical side face and leaving through the near horizontal bottom face. The 90° inclination between the ray’s entrance and exit produces the well-separated “colours of the rainbowo”.  The arc has a considerable angular extent and rarely produces a complete ring.   

By the way, Grandma Says: “ring around the sun or moon, rain or snow upon you soon”…and it did rain the next day!

Thank you for sharing Tina!


Happy Sky watching!

Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day