If you have been following local news, you’ve no doubt heard about the unusual visitors that have made their way into our waters; a few “Man ‘o War” have been spotted at local beaches.  Some experts believe this could be a result of the warmer than normal water temperatures.  Anecdotally, the water does seem to be quite warm for early August, just ask local beachgoers.  

Just outside the Halifax Harbour, the sea surface temperate is 18.8 degrees, while the normal August sea surface temperature is only 17.0  A two degree deviation from a normal temperature is significant!

Now, I decided to look elsewhere and my findings are interesting. Have a look:


NEW BRUNSWICK:                                  August 10 2017                                  August Average Temp.

Campbellton                                                12.2                                                             13.3

Saint John                                                   12.8                                                             13.3

Bathurst                                                       13.3                                                             14.7

Shediac                                                        16.7                                                             16.9



Digby                                                           13.3                                                               13.9

Parrsboro                                                     17.2                                                               17.0

Lunenburg                                                    18.3                                                               16.5

Halifax                                                          18.8                                                                17.0

Glace Bay                                                     20.0                                                                17.7


Summerside                                                18.9                                                                  18.1

Charlottetown                                              18.9                                                                  18.3



I was surprised to see how the sea surface temperatures around New Brunswick were all below average, while, with very few exceptions, the water temps around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island were above. 

The greatest deviation was in the waters off Glace Bay NS with a difference of 2.3 degrees.

Warmer than normal water temperature have the potential to maintain the energy in approaching tropical waves.   We’ll keep an eye on those as they develop.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day