The president of Dalhousie University is standing by the decision to suspend most of the school’s women’s hockey team.

The team was suspended for the rest of the reason – with the exception of its rookie players – on Jan. 3 after the university investigated an alleged hazing incident in September.

The team issued a statement Thursday saying it held a party to welcome new players that involved dressing up rookies in "odd clothing," and asking them to eat sardines, hot peppers and whipped cream.

It also said the get-together at a private house included drinking games, but no one was forced to drink alcohol and no activities were mandatory.

However, the university has said the party involved excessive drinking, intimidation and humiliation.

University spokesman Charles Crosby said no one was physically hurt during the party, but that many players were "put in harm's way" both physically and psychologically.

Senior players met with Dr. Tom Traves on Monday to voice their concerns over the suspension in the hopes he might reconsider the punishment, and Traves said he would consider their comments.

However, Crosby said in a statement released today that the decision to suspend the players still stands.

“We're looking to build a solid team for next year and moving forward from here,” he said.

Some parents of the players began collecting donations for a legal fund last week, saying they would consider taking the matter to court if the team wasn’t allowed back on the ice.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Garreth MacDonald and The Canadian Press