A fourth-grade Moncton student received a special surprise at school Friday for standing up for what he believes in.

Over the summer, Easton Lackie enjoyed listening to his neighbour walking up and down the street, practicing his bagpiping.

But one night, he noticed something that bothered him.

“I was biking with my friends and I saw the guy come out and yell at him,” says Easton. “So I went home, told my mom what happened, wrote a letter, and then the next day I put it on his door.”

What Easton didn't know is that his neighbour is a member of the RCMP Pipes and Drums Band, which regularly performs in front of thousands of people.

Eric Mourant says the kind letter from a young stranger put a positive spin on an incident that initially left him feeling hurt.

“Inside it said not to give up, that him and his family really enjoy hearing me play the bagpipes,” says Mourant. “It's unbelievable how a simple act of kindness can change things. For him it was just writing a card, and for me it meant so much more.

When Easton's school approached Mourant about putting together a special assembly, the whole band was eager to join in. They teamed up to surprise Easton with a signed certificate of merit and a performance on Friday.

“I was like shocked,” Easton says. “I was also really excited.”

With Easton's proud family members looking on, Mourant spoke about the impact of his kind actions.

“That's the message we wanted to send, for people to be kind to each other, because you never know. You never know how much your kindness will bring positivity to someone's life,” Mourant says.

Jim Chapman hopes his grandson's letter sets a precedent for his young classmates.

“They'll learn something by this,” says Chapman. “I'm pretty proud of him. He's a good kid.”

With a gym full of smiles cheering Easton and Mourant on, it's safe to say they found a way to end their story on a high note.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.