A humble Halifax taxi driver who helped a 93-year-old woman in need is receiving accolades for his quick thinking and selfless actions.

On Dec. 5, Leslie Eaton fainted outside the back door of her apartment complex, hitting her head hard on the asphalt. 

Eaton says she was struggling to get up, until the taxi driver arrived at her side.

“Saw me, helped me up, looked at where I had been hit on the head and thought I should see a doctor,” says Eaton.

When she refused to go to hospital, the taxi driver, Josh Devine, asked for her apartment number and called the police.

"He was so caring,” Eaton says. “It was great to step out of your comfort zone and help somebody.”

Eaton decided to write a letter to Casino Taxi to thank them for the kind behavior of their driver. It took Casino Taxi co-owner Angie Herman a while to figure out who Josh Devine was.

“The first thing he said was how happy he was to know that Leslie was ok, because he didn't want to interrupt (her) life," says Herman.

Earlier this year, a Casino Taxi driver also interrupted an assault taking place on a downtown street. It all makes Leslie Eaton wonder if compassion is making a comeback.

"I look forward to the pendulum swinging back from where unfortunately it is now, to what it used to be when I was a young girl," she says.

Josh Devine decided he didn’t want to share the story on camera, but Eaton says she’ll be forever grateful.

“I appreciate what he did,” she says. “It was just a wonderful Christmas experience.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.