HALIFAX -- A strong low-pressure system will move across Quebec over the next 48 hours. While initially on the rainy and windy side of the storm, the Maritimes will need to watch for a snowy and icy finish as it clears Wednesday morning.

Rain and wind arrive in earnest to the region Monday evening and overnight. The system has produced some rainfall rates of 15 to 30 mm an hour in the U.S. so some rainfall totals approaching 50 mm or more are possible for parts of the Maritimes. Rainfall Warnings have been issued for central and southern New Brunswick as well as the tri-county area of Nova Scotia. Melting snow will contribute additional amounts of water so residents should watch for hydroplaning and flooding conditions.


Winds will increase in strength Monday evening and early Tuesday morning. Peak gusts reaching 80 to 100 km/h are forecast for the Bay of Fundy coastline and Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia. With winds that strong, there is a risk of scattered power outages and impacts to travel services, such as ferries and bridges. The rest of the Maritimes will experience widespread gusts of 40 to 70 km/h. The stronger southwest winds will gradually diminish Tuesday afternoon and night.

gust forecast

Temperatures fall back quickly to and below freezing Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. Ice will develop on wet surfaces and the back edge of the rain is forecast to turn over to a period of snow for southern New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 15 cm are possible, with the higher amounts most likely for eastern P.E.I., northern Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley, and Cape Breton Highlands. Commuters should plan for possible icy and snowy conditions Wednesday, giving themselves extra time and space on the roads.

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In summary:

  • Rainy and windy weather builds Monday evening and overnight. Rainfall and wind warnings are in effect for areas of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • The rain and wind eases Tuesday afternoon.
  • A second round of rain arrives Tuesday night, turning to snow for southern New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia for Wednesday.
  • The combination of snow and return to below-freezing temperatures brings a risk of slow and slick roads on Wednesday.

Check frequently on the forecast and any issued alerts for your area.