FREDERICTON - A sketch of Kris Austin, leader of New Brunswick's People's Alliance:

Age: 39.

Hometown: Hamilton, Ont.

Jobs before politics: Pastor, public relations.

Leadership history: He co-founded the party in 2010 amid anger over the then-government's plan to sell NB Power to Hydro-Quebec. He almost won the riding of Fredericton - Grand Lake in 2014, losing by about 25 votes.

Key issue: Bilingualism.

What to look for on the campaign trail: Populist takes on bilingualism, taxes, democratic reform.

Did you know: He attended a theology seminary in Maine, and helped develop schools and orphanages in Haiti.

Social media stats: About 740 Twitter followers, and 2,380 Facebook friends.

Celebrity lookalike: Steve Carell.

Quote: "For the premier to get up and brag about their accomplishments is laughable. Our deficit is still there, we have more taxes than we've ever paid."