Casa Dante

Hairstyling - Salon
Casa Dante

Casa Dante specializes in personalized hairstyling. From classic to modern hairstyles, they have developed their skills through continuous training and education to create inspirational hairstyling focused on you.

Casa Dante is staffed by Dante Di Mattia - master instructor, master judge, and mentor - and his team of award-winning stylists.

Collectively, their work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on television and they’re excited to once again be a part of CTV’s Makeover Monday segments.

The team of stylists includes Virginia Micolucci, Janine Abele, David MacFarlane, Michael Warren, Holly Fredericks, and Carolyn Conrad.

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Makeover Monday

CTV Morning Live is helping deserving viewers look their best.

We asked our audience to nominate someone in need of a day of pampering and, from those nominations, we've selected four women to take part in our Makeover Monday segments.

Our makeover nominees will rock a whole new look – with makeup by ‘Be Gorgeous,’ hair by ‘Casa Dante,’ and fashion provided by ‘Mic Mac Mall.’

The entire transformation will air Mondays on CTV Morning Live.

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