Tim MacPhee

Makeup Artist
Tim MacPhee, Makeup Artist

Tim MacPhee has worked in the beauty industry for close to three decades. He has spent most of his career in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, refining his artistry and skincare knowledge. Tim’s unique talent is uncovering inner and outer beauty and his work around the world has made him realize the one thing all women have in common is the desire to feel beautiful. A native Maritimer, Tim is happiest here at home helping women express themselves through makeup. Since moving back to Halifax, he has opened a luxury beauty shop, fulfilling a life-long dream. Tim's store, Be Gorgeous Cosmetics, carries niche and quality brands from around the world and offers make-up lessons and services.

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Makeover Monday

CTV Morning Live is helping deserving viewers look their best.

We asked our audience to nominate someone in need of a day of pampering and, from those nominations, we've selected four women to take part in our Makeover Monday segments.

Our makeover nominees will rock a whole new look – with makeup by ‘Be Gorgeous,’ hair by ‘Casa Dante,’ and fashion provided by ‘Mic Mac Mall.’

The entire transformation will air Mondays on CTV Morning Live.

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