A group of volunteers from a Maritime church have spent their week aiming to make life a little better for those less fortunate.

The GoTeam is a group of volunteers from Rock Church, in Lr. Sackville, N.S. They do whatever they can to help those in need, including organizing food banks, running bingo nights and even working in the garden.

This week the GoTeam spent their time volunteering around Halifax.

“We're a team of people from Rock Church who have taken the week to come down to the north end and serve where ever we can,” says Emily Pelley, GoTeam leader.

Friday, the GoTeam served up hot meals at the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.

“So many different people are getting involved,” says Greg Martell, with the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. “I love Rock Church. They are so pleasant and friendly to our staff and guests and they're always so eager and willing to serve, it's amazing.”

Micaiah Aladejebi, 9, is the youngest in the group. It’s been a week of hard work, but Micaiah says he’s had a blast on his first trip with his church.

“One of the children's pastors, she said that once you start a trip, you're going to want to go on the next one,” says Micaiah.

Some members spent time volunteering in Jordan earlier this year and are planning a trip to Asia before the end of 2016.

This week’s volunteer work in Halifax is the first time they've helped out so close to home.

“We're supposed to be reaching out everywhere and just to reach out where we live is something that sometimes gets forgotten,” says Rebecca Bowerman, GoTeam member. “It's been really interesting to meet the faces who are helping in the community daily.”

“It's the most fulfilling experience. We feel we're doing what we're supposed to be doing,” says Emily.

The group says while it feels good to help, it's important to remember why they're here.

“As it moves on, it’s less about how you feel, it's more about how you can help others and it's something that I would definitely recommend people get involved in, because it's something that's really needed in our city and people forget that,” says Rebecca.

Congratulations to the GoTeam, our Maritimers of the Week.


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