The Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton is giving the public a sneak peek to their newest additions, three five-week-old tiger cubs.

On Wednesday, the cubs were introduced to the media and some lucky members of the public who happened to be visiting the zoo.

“I’m amazed; we’re the first people to see the babies, so that’s pretty special,” says zoo visitor Tamara Morris.

The breeding programs at the zoo are serious business, and are closely regulated.

The mating pair of amur tigers, Alik and Anya, will likely be allowed to reproduce again in the future.

“Tigers are seasonal breeders, so they’re not necessarily going to,” says Animal Care Foreman Jamie Carson. “We’re not going to have an overpopulation of tigers.”

Carson says three cubs born to a first-time mother is a bit rare, but Anya, the mother cub, is a doting parent to her two sons and daughter.

“Three healthy babies born and mother is taking care of them beautifully,” says Carson. “That’s something that’s very important to us as well; we encourage all of the mother animals here at the zoo to take care of their babies. It’s a very important part of their lives.”

The three cubs will call the Magnetic Hill Zoo their home for the next little while, before being transferred to other accredited zoos across the country.

“We knew that we would have very little problem to find homes for these animals after they were born,” says Magnetic Hill Zoo Manager Bruce Dougan. “We make sure that we’re not breeding animals that would not have a good home in the future.”

For now, that home will be in Moncton, where the cubs will play and grow together.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis