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Multiculturalism takes centre stage Saturday in Fredericton


A celebration of multiculturalism is taking centre stage on Saturday in Fredericton.

The 16th Cultural Expressions Festival, hosted by the Multiculturalism Association of Fredericton, is happening inside the Capital Exhibit Centre.

The theme for this year’s event is "Threads of Heritage: Bangladeshi Textiles Meet Global Fabric," with a focus on Bangladeshi culture and heritage.

More than 50 live performances from various ethno-cultural groups around the capital are on Saturday’s schedule, along with cultural displays, international food, a fashion show, and other family activities.

Haruka Kudo of the Multiculturalism Association of Fredericton says the event’s goal is to display the unity of different cultures coming together as one.

“As long as we work together, collaborate together, we are strong and make a better community,” says Kudo.

The event runs throughout Saturday until 7 p.m.

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