HALIFAX -- The pride parade in Sydney, N.S., which was scheduled to take place on Saturday, is moving its festivities online.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the celebrations will be made virtually now. The local fire department says they know the importance of pride week, and wanted to do something special to show their support.

The station has decked out one of its aerial trucks, and ladders in support of Pride Week.

Deputy Chief Gilbert MacIntyre, with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Fire Service, says although there won't be a parade, the message is of particular importance this year.

"From a firefighters point-of-view, when you're talking about Black Lives Matter, and you say, 'All Lives Matter', that's like us responding to a house fire and all the other neighbours coming out and saying, 'All houses matter. Put water on all the houses'. No, we only put it on the one that needs it," said MacIntyre.

MacIntyre said he has a personal reason for holding pride close to his heart, after his daughter came out several years ago.

"There's a lesbian I love more than life itself. They call me, 'Dad', and that's really what it's all about," said MacIntyre.

Although the celebrations for Pride Week 2020 will have to take place with people physically apart, MacIntyre feels the fire service, and the community is doing what they can to stay connected.

"This festival is only about love. How can that be wrong? How do you not support that," said MacIntyre.

MacIntyre said he's already looking forward to marching again when the pandemic is over.