FREDERICTON -- Many businesses are opening up again, but the pandemic has caused backlogs for many services -- including those provided by government.

Service New Brunswick locations were closed during the pandemic, so the province extended expiry dates of vehicle registrations, driver's licences and other permits.

Tuesday was the deadline to get those renewed, yet, only 12 Service NB locations are open -- and by appointment only.

"It took me about an hour to get a hold of them on the phone," said Johnney Lyons.

Four days later, he was given an appointment to come into Service New Brunswick.

There's now a backlog of people needing renewals and while over 400 services can be done online -- not everyone knows that o how to do it.

A government spokesperson says the majority of people who call for an appointment can be helped over the phone.

But there are some who can't.

"I have a disability, so I shouldn't be standing out here this long," said Janice Miscich. I'm here for a disability replacement sign, so I was hoping that could have been done online. I had the picture of the document from the doctor stating it has to be replaced."

Her sign expired during the pandemic and she was even fined $125 -- but she says the city of Fredericton has waived that fine.

Access Nova Scotia locations are also open by appointment only, but many permits, including drivers licences and registrations, are valid in Nova Scotia until the end of August.

Motor vehicle inspections that expired during the pandemic will be due starting Wednesday.