Tourism season may be over, but danger still lingers at one of Nova Scotia’s most iconic tourist attractions.

There were promises of improved safety and security following the death of a tourist at Peggys Cove in the spring, but the recommendations that were released weeks ago have been sent back for more review.

In April, a young man from Ontario was swept off the rocks. His body has never been found. Another tourist fell into the water in July, but he was rescued by a boat tour operator.

“You have to keep in mind, one step can be the last one,” says tourist Bernard Gauthier. “There’s not enough emphasis on security here.”

The two incidents prompted calls for more and improved signage, as well as a review of how to better protect visitors to Peggys Cove.

The recommendations were to be released by the end of September, but Nova Scotia Business Minister Mark Furey says some ideas have been sent back for further research.

“We want to be sure, I want to be sure, that we’re able to balance, continue public access with Public Safety,” says Furey.

Furey won’t say which ideas remain under review, but says one idea didn’t make the cut.

“There will be no fencing placed on the rocks at Peggys Cove.”

Furey hopes to release the final recommendations on safety and security by the end of the year.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Marie Adsett