CAMPBELLTON, N.B. -- The following is a transcript of the 911 call made by Jean-Claude Savoie after a python killed two sleeping boys in his apartment above Reptile Ocean, a pet store he owned in Campbellton, N.B. Savoie is charged with criminal negligence in the deaths of four-year-old Noah Barthe and his six-year-old brother, Connor. Sections of this transcript have been edited.

911 operator: Where is your emergency?

Jean-Claude Savoie: 2 Pleasant (Street). Two kids are dead.

Operator: Is that where you live, sir?

Savoie: Yes, that's where I live.

Operator: What do you mean, the kids are dead?

Savoie: That's where Reptile Ocean is. There's a python that got out and killed the two kids.

Operator: Say that again?

Savoie: There's a python that got out. It's a store here. We have... (he's cut off by the operator)

Operator: A python?

Savoie: Yeah man.

Operator: Are they your kids?

Savoie: (Breathing heavily) They're my neighbour's kids. She knows. She's here too. She's next door. She's freaking out.

Operator: OK. Stay on the line. Who lives there?

Savoie: I live there... The snake is still out. I got another kid up there. I have to catch the snake. Can you just send somebody here please?