LR. SACKVILLE, N.S. -- A Nova Scotia couple is about to become parents -- a journey that has been years in the making.

Joel Arsenault and Jason Starratt, who have been married for almost four years, are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their baby.

“I've always, always, always wanted a baby. I've always wanted to have the pregnancy and the anticipation of knowing my child is on the way, which is problematic for us, being two males,” says Starratt.

Sarah Martin is the couple’s gestational carrier and friend. She is scheduled to give birth Friday morning.

“Ran into Jason one day and he was talking about being interested in having a baby and that he would be interested in a surrogate, so I impulsively volunteered,” says Martin.

The two men say they are eternally grateful to their egg donor, Isabelle Thurrott, and for Martin’s willingness to help them become parents.

“I feel like right now we're both thinking it was all worth it, the ups and downs, the time it took, the struggles, everything,” says Arsenault.

“I think I speak for both of us, we feel very blessed that it worked. It's a costly procedure and the fact that it worked on our very last embryos that we had left, we're just counting our lucky stars that it worked and here we are now.”

The baby's gender will be a surprise for everyone and the parents-to-be say they’ve already chosen names, but are keeping them a secret until the baby comes.

“We've decided that Jason is going to be daddy or dad and I'm going to be papa,” says Arsenault.

“I'm going to speak only in French to the baby and Jason will be speaking to the baby in English, so the baby is going to be bilingual.”

Martin says she is honoured to be able to help her friends fulfil their dream.

“I feel like I'm giving them their gift, that I've been able to grow and provide, and I'm just really excited,” she says.