High winds continued Thursday on the Bay of Fundy coast, but residents are still talking about Wednesday’s wild weather, which saw high waves damage parts of the shoreline.

St. Martins old train station, built nearly 140-years ago and now privately owned, has been left heavily damaged.

“The building has washed the foundation out, it’s taken the high tide mark right back to the pavement,” says Eric Bartlett with the Quaco Historial and Library Society. “If we were standing here yesterday, we'd be up to our knees in cold, cold water.”

St. Martins resident Cheryl Seymour watched the damage happen from her kitchen window.

“Suddenly, I noticed that the building wasn’t standing upright anymore and I hand signaled to my husband to have a look,” says Seymour. “He said, “Oh my gosh, the water is going in through the windows!”

At the same time, water was coming onto nearby properties, pushing one house’s set of stairs off its foundation.

Eventually, the old train station building nearby could no longer take what the ocean was giving.

“I actually thought it was going to end up in Nova Scotia,” says Seymour. “A huge wave came and lifted the building and pushed it back to where it is now, and we actually saw that happen.”

One video taken Wednesday showed a ferocious ocean in Maces Bay, pavements were torn up, with debris scattered all along the coastal road.

“It would hit, then bank, and go over hydro wires and land,” says resident Junior Mawhinney. “Debris was landing on the road and some of it was in our driveway.”

People say they are just as awestruck about nature's power, as much as the damage it caused.

“I have never seen anything this high before,” says one resident.

“It’s exciting to watch the changes, the destruction not so much,” says another.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore