There is quite a buzz surrounding one maritime marijuana producer heading into award season for the cannabis industry.

Yes, there is an award gala for pot.

Moncton-based Organigram is poised to take home a stash of trophies.

“We look at 2017 has a bit of a coming out for Organigram,” said Ray Gracewood, Organigram’s chief commercial officer.

The marijuana producer started humbly, but the growth has been eye opening,

Organigram has added 350 employees in the last 18 months but they're also leading the way in marijuana production and plant experimentation.

The industry is taking notice and the awards are pouring in.

“Last year at the Canadian cannabis awards we won three awards,” said Gracewood. “There are essentially six major awards for product and we won half of them. In the industry's eyes this would certainly be the academy awards of cannabis.”

There are a wide range of categories like top oil, top accessory and top bong. Some categories are decided by the voting public, while others are judged by a panel.

Last year Organigram was nominated in five categories and this year they are nominated in nine. Officials here feel they have a shot at taking home the top prize.

“This year, we've got a little bit more confidence going in,” Gracewood said. “We have established ourselves a little bit more from a brand perspective right across the country. For us I think our priorities will be on the product side for certain.”

Winning is a big deal for the company.

“Certainly, it's validation to our production team, to our executive team, to everybody that works at Organigram,” said Bracewood.

So far Organigram has been dealing specifically in the medicinal marijuana business, but this year’s awards gala will be a bit different. It follows the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

Bracewood says the company is ready for Oct. 17.

“We've already shipped out purchase orders already to different provinces across Canada and we will continue to do so,” he said.

A little something extra to celebrate during the gala in Toronto on Nov. 29.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.