The odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole-in-one on a par-3 are about 12,500 to one. But Moncton golfer Gord Watson defeated those odds for the sixth time this past weekend.

Watson hit his first hole-in-one back in May of 1968. His most recent came at the exact same hole.

“I didn't get the second one until 2000 and from there it was 2005, 2009, 2012 and then the one the other day,” says Watson. “I had another here in Moncton at the 17th hole and then the other three have all come at the Sugarloaf Golf Club in Carabassit Valley, Maine.

Watson says it was a bit windy when he used his five iron to sink the ball. News of his accomplishment had many on the course talking.

“I'm not surprised,” says one golfer. “From years back, he's an excellent athlete.”

Watson has been a member of the Moncton Golf and Country Club for 58 years. He's the only current member to win the junior title, the club championship and the senior's title.

His luck on the course seems to be transferable, making Watson a desirable playing partner for anyone looking for their first hole-on-one.

“Probably been involved in 14,15 of them,” he says. “My six plus another nine with other people.”

Tradition dictates the person who shot the hole-in-one buys a drink for everyone in the clubhouse. Fortunately for his wallet, Watson was playing at 7:00 a.m.

“I bought the two drinks for the fellas I was playing with and that was it,” he says.

Each of Watson’s hole-in-one golf balls is mounted. He says striking a solid shot is key, but there's a lot of luck involved.

“Keep trying. You never know when it's going to jump up and be your turn.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.