A Moncton family is grateful their neighbourhood has rallied together to fix a young girl’s bicycle that was smashed by three boys right in front of her, and says they have been the target of racial taunts in the past.

The little girl’s neighbour, Alexandra Anomoly, says she saw the boys throw the girl off of the bike then destroy it in the middle of the road.

“The little boys all darted after they smashed up her bike in front of her,” Anomoly says. “She lost her favourite thing in the world and it just broke my heart.”

Upset about the incident, Anomoly posted details on a social media group that received a swift response from community members.

That’s when Mark Oulton became involved and fixed the girl’s purple bicycle for free at the bicycle shop where he works.

After replacing the the chain, adding new brake levers, a bright pink basket decaled in flowers, bell and pair of grips, Oulton says the bike looks like a brand new personalized bicycle.

“When it first came in the bars were bent, the bars were twisted quite a bit,” he says. “Both of the sets of brakes were bent out quite a bit, they were able to be straightened out, pretty well like new.”

The little girl’s family wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution from the boys who broke her bike, but they say they’re grateful that their community stood up against the mean-spirited attack.

“I appreciate their help, their kindness, how they helped [her name] when they didn't know us, we just want to thank them on behalf of my family,” said the young girl’s sister.

The family also says they hope this will mark a new beginning for them with a future full of love not anger.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.