A massive search is underway in Moncton for a missing dog. More than a month and a half ago, Lilly, a 6 month old Pomeranian mix, got away  from her owner. Despite many attempts to collar the canine, she remains on the loose. Shawn Harris spotted her Thursday.

“She came up to my dog yesterday and she got interrupted by somebody and she stopped and took off,“ says Harris.

Since then volunteers have set up an almost around-the-clock lookout for the terrified puppy. Shaendra Brown, who’s involved in the search, says she’s worried about her well-being.

“From what we've seen of her she's in starvation mode,” says Shaendra. “She's very skinny.”

Nearby businesses are even pitching in to help the pooch. Atlantic Lotto workers have been putting out food and water near their head office says employee Lindsay Shannon.

“There's actually been mass emails sent throughout our office building, all departments are getting engaged in trying to locate this little pup’s owner and make sure she gets home safe and sound,” says Shannon.

Brown and others have even brought their own dogs out, hoping Lilly will approach them long enough for someone to grab her. A live trap has also been set. Brown says the young dog needs to be found quickly.

“I have animals of my own,” says Brown. “I care about this animal and I just want to see it rescued. It's not a healthy situation for the dog.”

The dog's owner has been searching the area as well. She’s gone so far as to bring Lilly's mother and sister hoping to lure her back but Lilly has become so skittish, even that scared her away.

Volunteers say they’ll continue to do everything they can in an effort to bring Lilly home safe.

With files from CTV’s Jonathan MacInnis