Students hoping to start school at the new Moncton High are getting some disappointing news - the new building isn’t ready. As a result, students will be attending school at the old building until the new year. 

The Anglophone East School District sent out communications Wednesday night that the new school in Royal Oaks isn’t ready. Superintendent Gregg Ingersoll says, in particular, the gymnasium floor isn’t finished.

“They are saying it is mainly due to the damp spring that we had…all the snow we had in March and April,” says Ingersoll

He adds that all of the bus routes have been changed back to their original locations and that most students won’t be affected,

“Our students in Grade 9 will have to be made aware of where their stop is going to be, because it is their first time there.”

But not everybody is disappointed with the delay.  Tammy Roberts, who has been against the move all along, is happy her two daughters will be heading back to their old school next month.

“The kids were screaming and yelling happy thoughts…so I mean, instead of spending the money on that new school they should have fixed the old one. That is my thoughts.” says Roberts.

This isn’t the first delay for the project.  When the new location was announced in July 2011, the government said the doors would open in September of last year.

At the end of April, Premier David Alward was confident the school would open in September 2014. Liberal MLA Chris Collins says there are still some challenges ahead.

“What my concern is, is come January, how seamless will the transition be for the students?”

As it stands now, school officials are confident the new building will be ready by January.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell