MONCTON, N.B. -- A bear has been making the rounds in one Moncton neighbourhood since the weekend.

The young bear seems quite relaxed around people and pets, even going right up on the back deck of Tammy Regular's home.

"It was grazing at the birdfeeders, literally coming out, just lying on the grass, and at times almost looking like it was falling asleep and just sunbathing," said Regular.

The bear is very calm, and Regular says she and her family clap their hands, bang pots and pans together and honk their car horn, but it just ignores them.

She says the bear did run away, however, when she turned up a Rod Stewart song on the radio.

"The bear is young, it’s curious, it’s doing what nature does. It had to leave its mother and now it’s trying to basically find a food source," Regular said.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources are using a combination of cheese and molasses to lure the young bear into a trap. After that, it will be taken to calm, peaceful Crown land and set free.

The trap was placed at Regular's home because of the frequency of visits by the bear and because her children are teenagers and know to stay away from it, unlike many of her neighbours.

"They felt that if they put it around homes that had small children, it’s a bit of confusion for them and then there’s the fear of the child getting out because the trap door on the back is quite dangerous," Regular said.

Valery Deschenes is one of those neighbours with small children. She says the bear's presence is forcing her and her family to stay inside.

"He’s been around human scents and we’re just afraid that he’s just too comfortable," Deschenes said. "I don’t want to see anything happen to the bear."

That's why an attempt is being made to move him to a place where he can roam without running into humans -- or having to listen to any Rod Stewart music.