HALIFAX -- For the second day in a row, hundreds turned out to be tested at a pop-up rapid testing site in Halifax on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, 600 people were screened in just six hours at the site and public health officials say they are encouraged by the response.

On Wednesday, the queue started early. By early afternoon, the lineup stretched a full city block, and then some.

"It will let us know what's actually out there hopefully, and how prolifically it's spreading around the city and hopefully give them an idea of the actual age group and who's spreading it," said Michael MacKenzie.

Earlier this week, Nova Scotia Public Health confirmed the majority of the Central Zone's new COVID-19 cases are in the 18-35 age group. For the most part, that's who was showing up to get tested.

"As much as they've gotten some bad media, people should be very grateful that this age group is actually out, standing up, waiting in line in the cold to get tested," said infectious disease specialist Dr. Lisa Barrett.

From beginning to end, the rapid test takes about 20 minutes. If positive, the person must then take the more standard COVID-19 test to confirm the result. Tuesday, one case was identified out of more than 600 tests.

Health officials are checking about 100 people an hour. They're also training volunteers to administer the test with the hope of expanding the service.

Public health reminds people who are planning on coming down to any rapid testing site to not do so if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. If you are, stay home and call 811.

The public is also encouraged to install the COVID-19 app on their phones.

"To get people updated, we have the app which will alert you if you've been to any exposure sites when there's been a case of COVID," said Jake Hatchette.

As of late Wednesday afternoon, no positive cases of COVID-19 were detected at the rapid testing site.