More family members are arriving in Halifax to support the mother and father of the Barho family whose seven children died in a horrific house fire two months ago.

The father, who was badly injured in the fire, remains in hospital; his wife is by his side.

Two months after the devastating fire at their home, the mound of teddy bears and flowers placed in memory of the Barho children remains -- and has even grown.

Seven children died on Feb. 19 in a fire that left their father, Ebraheim badly burned and their mother Kawthar in shock.

Thursday, the family got a little good news.

“I'm happy to share that today, more family members are arriving, so this is going to be really important to help Kawthar move forward,” said Halifax MP Andy Fillmore.

The Hants East Assisting Refugees Team (HEART) Society, which sponsored the Syrian family's move to Canada in 2017, says the news is significant because the family arriving -- which includes Kawthar's sister -- will be here long-term.

“This family will be here to stay, so Kawthar can start to plan a future around this family,” said Natalie Horne of the HEART Society.

“I think this is the most important element in the tragedy here, them having  family members nearby, especially them being close to each other, that's all they have is each other after what they went through,” said Leno Ribahi, who is also with HEART.

They are still going through a lot of agony,  as Ebraheim Barho remains in critical, but stable, condition in hospital.

“It will be a long, long road to recovery, in a long, long road to grieving the loss of these children,” said Horne. “It's going to stay with them forever.”

Two months after the terrible fire, and one month after the house was demolished, officials with Halifax Fire say there is no update to the fire investigation at this time.

But out of the tragedy, there is a strengthening of community.

Members of the Ummah Mosque, who came together to assist the Barho family, are now inspired to give back as well.

“These hard times brings people together,” said Imam Abdallah Yousri.

The mosque has started a fundraising campaign to raise money for the hospital - where Kawthar, family, and friends have been living for the past two months.

“To give back and to start this campaign to renovate one of the family rooms,” said Imam Yousri. “And, if we were successful with this, we hope that we could renovate some other rooms as well.”

It’s another charitable act among the small glimmers of hope that continue to shine two months after a loss no one could imagine.

When it comes to what the future holds for the Barho family, the society says it will be up to Kawthar and Ebraheim -- when he is able -- to decide how to rebuild their lives - after the tragic loss of their children.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Heidi Petracek.