SAINT GEORGE, N.B. -- More small-town mayors in southwest New Brunswick are sounding off about the quality of police service they're getting from the RCMP.

They say they're not getting what they're paying for.

In the last three years alone, the Church of Christ in Saint George has been broken into or vandalized at least four times.

"The vandals have gotten inside the church, damaged windows, a piano, a lot of artifacts that were in the church," said Saint George CAO Jason Gaudet."(It's a) very small church and it's really been a big impact to the community."

Mayor Crystal Cook says residents have been voicing their concerns about crime in the community, including break-ins, vandalism and speeding.

With the RCMP no longer providing monthly reports or attending council meetings, the town is taking a hard look at their policing services.

Cook says while service has gone down, costs have gone up.

"We, just as residents, as a council, want more for our money," Cook said. "We're paying a lot of money. Close to $500,000 and we don't see the value of it, unfortunately."

Saint George council has just voted to fund a regional policing study -- a vote that will be taken to the next meeting of the area's regional services commission.

Saint George is not alone in this. The nearby community of Black's Harbour is in a similar boat.

Black's Harbour Mayor Terry James says, without a monthly report, it makes it hard to identify issues in the community that need attention.   

"I'm the one that signs a quarter of a million dollars of our taxpayer dollars over for policing services, and I don't think it's too much to ask for a monthly report," said James.

In an email to CTV News, the New Brunswick RCMP says: "We regularly work with the communities we serve to identify issues of local concern, discuss solutions and to set local policing priorities."

But still, officials are left wondering if they're getting their money's worth.