Additional women from the Pictou County area have come forward claiming they have found their nude photos being shared on a pornography website.

Some victims say they have had to deal with “sick and twisted messages” from people who found their photo.

One woman says an individual even contacted her to ask for more pictures.

“So basically, he was blackmailing me for more photos by using my friends list on Facebook,” she said.  “A couple of the women I had spoken with had stated that when they originally found out that they were on the site, and they had started to receive the overwhelming amount of messages from strangers and friends, they contemplated suicide. A few of them even tried.”

The Pictou County website page was taken down overnight Tuesday, but Wednesday afternoon, it reappeared with a cryptic warning that posting pictures without consent would lead to RCMP charges.   

Police admit there was some confusion when the first complaint came to their attention.

“Initially, our officer did not realize that that actually constituted an offence under the Criminal Code,” said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke of Nova Scotia RCMP. “But after doing some research, he realized there was an offence and he contacted the woman again and started an investigation.”

The Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health says this kind of so-called “revenge porn” is “a clear case of sexual violence.”

“That is not consensual, and any sexual activity that happens without consent is, in fact, a form of sexual violence,” said Vania MacMillan of the sexual health centre.

Police are asking anyone who may have been victimized by the website to contact them as part of their investigation.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.